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Central Cali H Friends is a collaborative volunteer effort.  To help the group grow, we need participation from as many members as possible.

We have NO DUES AND NO MEMBERSHIP FEES - just lots of fun activities for you to enjoy. Because there are no officers and no budget, we rely on our individual members to volunteer to organize events that others might be interested in, such as Beach Trips, Happy Hours, Hiking and Camping trips, Picnics, BBQ's, Holiday Parties, Ski Trips, Bike Rides, Breakfast Meetings, Lunches, Brunches, Dinners, Dancing, Baseball, Football, or Hockey Games, Movies, Bowling, Concerts, Comedy Shows, Theatre and Museum trips, Pool or Billiards, Motorcycle Rides - you name it!

How you can help - Volunteers Needed - Call for Help

Support Group Moderator(s)
If anyone is willing to have regular monthly support meetings, it would be very beneficial to newbies or those currently in crisis.  We are not medical professionals, nor are we trained therapists, but we can certainly share our experiences and help to support each other.
Event Planner(s)/Host(s)
Participate in planning group events.  The groups will evolve to match the interests of the group members who actively participate.  Anyone of us can suggest an event or host a get together, just let us know what you'd like to do. How to Organize an Event
Help the group grow by getting the word out. If we get the word out about Central Cali H Friends to the people who already KNOW that they have herpes in the Valley, we can easily increase our membership. When the general public and the medical community are better educated about genital herpes, then maybe a lot more people would find out that they have herpes and be looking for a group likes ours. If everyone who had herpes KNEW that they had it, they could take precautions not to spread it, and everyone would realize how common this virus is and the stigma would be lessened. - How to Help Educate and Inform

How to Organize an Event

If we haven't had an event in your area in a while, please organize something! Or, if there is something you would especially like to do (i.e. go salsa dancing, hiking, attending an art opening or jazz festival, going on a bike ride, having brunch, bringing your kids to see a movie matinee, etc.) - please go right ahead and organize that kind of event so that you can meet other people who would like to do the same thing! If anyone is willing to host a swim party, please let us know. It is hot here in the Central Valley, a pool party would be nice. Any members with a big screen TV and a fairly large living/bonus/TV room who are willing to rotate hosting for the football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. season please contact us.

- Plan your event as far in advance as you can so that you give others enough advance warning to be able to go. It's a good idea to post an event at least 2 weeks in advance. Event reminder emails usually go out in the beginning of the month, so it's good to be on the schedule before it is sent.

- Click on the Contact Us Button on the left hand side of the page. Fill in the form and in the message area, provide all the information about your event. Make sure to include your first name and your email address so people can RSVP or ask questions. Include addresses to "public event venues" including website and directions, public transportation and parking information as needed. For private functions, feel free to have potential participants request an evite or RSVP to you for the location.

- Don't forget to mention how the group can find each other - e.g. "Look for the blue balloons!" You can use any method you want to help people find the group - just spell it out clearly in your event listing.

- When people RSVP to you, please send them an email to acknowledge that you got their RSVP. It is a good idea to keep a list of who is going, in case a new member should ask you for a "Newbie Buddy" for your event, or in case there are any last minute changes in plan that you need to tell people about. It is also a good idea to give people your cell number in case they get lost or can't find you at the venue for your event.

- On the day of the event, get there early and don't forget to bring some BLUE BALLOONS (or other identifying system) so that other members will be able to find you!

Here's what YOU can do to help Educate and Inform!

- If you are using any online herpes dating services or herpes message boards or chat rooms to meet other people with herpes, please tell the people that you are corresponding with about Central Cali H Friends and what we do and email them the links to this website.

- If you are setting up a first meeting or blind date with another person with H, suggest meeting up at an upcoming event. You'll both have fun, whether or not there are any sparks between you. Plus you'll meet a lot of other great people with H at the same time. If you're a newbie, bringing a friend might even make attending your first event a little easier.

- Or, even if you decide NOT to meet someone or date someone, tell them about Central Cali H Friends so that they can meet someone ELSE at one of our events.

- If you have an ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, or ex-spouse with herpes, with whom you are on good terms, please tell them about Central Cali H Friends and give them our links.

- If you are seeing your doctor or gynecologist, tell them about Central Cali H Friends - ask them to tell his/her other patients who have genital herpes about us.

- Give your doctor a copy of the list of Recommended Type- Specific Herpes Blood Tests from the American Society for Social Health (ASHA). The new tests are 97-100% accurate if taken 12-16 weeks after exposure. Many, if not most, doctors are unaware of the new tests and still think that there are no reliable herpes blood tests out there. Help them get the new info by giving them a copy of the list of good tests from ASHA at: http://www.ashastd.org/pdfs/blood_test.pdf.

- One of the best articles on genital herpes that all of our doctors should read is the "Importance and Practicalities of Patient Counseling in the Prevention and Management of Genital Herpes," an article in Medscape by Terri Warren, RN (9/29/2004). This article can be found at: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/489964 (You'll need to join Medscape for FREE to view the article).

Thanks to all of you in advance for doing your part to help our cause!